Safe-T Connect 2421
We make your water safe

Did you know that there are some thousands of cases of water damage every day in Spain? Through pipe bursts or leakage – our Safe-T Connect protects you against costly damage.

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Hygienemodule HM Connect
Clean, safe and noticeably soft

The hygiene module HM Connect is designed to preserve the potable water hygiene in large-scale buildings. The HM Connect is used in potable water installations to monitor the water temperature and the draw-off cycles of potable water.

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POU max 7315
Backwashable Compact Filter

Backwashable 3-in-1 potable water filter composed of a dirt particle filter, an activated carbon filter and a bacteria filter designed to be used immediately upstream of the draw-off point (e.g. under the kitchen sink). Connecting piece cold water 3/8" male included.

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LEX Plus 10 Connect
Single water softener

Noticeably soft water with LEX Plus 10 Connect. This single water softener can be controlled and monitored via the SYR App on your smartphone or tablet and offers reliable protection against limescale deposits.

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DRUFI+ system
Potable water filter

Our DRUFI+ system provides clean water without dirt particles. Reduced water consumption through individual water-saving pressure setting. Easy to install and perfect maintenance comfort.

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Competent solutions under one roof. Innovative solutions for smart people

Clean water and cozy warmth mean pure quality of life. Dealing with these elements is the challenge for us as a company. We always aim high: we differentiate between what is usual and what has proven its worth and keep on developing new ideas for valves that are even easier to install and enjoy a higher degree of efficiency, that are more durable and even more environmentally friendly. They all form part of our system: innovative, high-quality and perfectly matched. Today, with our know-how, our competence and our focus on the customer are one of the leading manufacturers of modern building services.