20th April 2019

Is everything still tight with you? – Avoid water damage in the building!

The demanding everyday life of a specialist tradesman is characterized by a multitude of norms, guidelines and laws. In addition, the coordination of construction processes with regard to building materials, systems and prices costs a lot of time. Especially the proper sealing of a bath is a basic requirement for avoiding consequential damage, taking into account the interface SHK specialist / tile and natural stone installer. In German buildings over 3,000 tap water damages occur daily; this means about every 30 sec. an unwanted water leakage. Regular inspections and visual inspections of drinking water installations, as well as compliance with the obligation to reduce damage, mean that building operators can prevent the insurer from paying a large proportion of their inter-direct costs and protect their property.

Date: 04.06.2019

Location: Motorworld Köln / Rheinland

Butzweilerstraße 35 – 39 
50829 Cologne