17th April 2019

Full success at the ISH – SYR Connect shapes Messewoche in Frankfurt

Many visitors, great discussions and absolute highlights shaped the week of SYR Hans Sasserath GmbH & Co. KG at the world’s leading trade fair ISH in Frankfurt. The leading leak protection specialist impressed with its new innovations SafeTech and SafeFloor Connect as well as with the SYR Connect App. The SYR Planet, which connects all Connect devices in the field of drinking water and heating water management, hovered above everything else. Thus, SYR is one of the pioneers in the field of smart home and offers the largest variety of products in this field.

When it comes to the topic of leakage protection, it is difficult to get past SYR Hans Sasserath GmbH & Co. KG. Kei-ner has more expertise in this area than the Korschenbroich-based company. For more than 20 years, SYR has repeatedly confirmed its positioning with intelligent developments in the area of ​​leakage protection. So now also at the world’s leading trade fair ISH in Frankfurt. With two brand new devices for active and preventive leak protection, Safe-Tech and SafeFloor Connect, the company is one step ahead of the competition. “The response and enthusiasm of the visitors was huge. The Safe-Tech Connect was particularly well received and shows us once again that our developments are always up to date, “explains Peter Gormanns, Head of Sales and Marketing at SYR. The SafeFloor Connect wireless floor sensor is placed where water leakage is possible or a value can become critical. If he gets “wet feet”, he reports a water damage. If the SafeTech Connect is additionally installed and connected, it stops the water supply immediately. This is possible because the SafeTech Connect continuously measures the flow and pressure of the water. If the leakage protection detects an unusually high consumption, it blocks the line. If both Connect devices are still connected to the Internet, inform them in the event of a fault via e-mail or SMS. With the SYR App, the leak protection system can also be adjusted and controlled according to personal safety requirements. To do this, the mobile device must be connected to the installed SafeTech Connect. The access point of the SafeTech Connect generates a local WLAN network. If you are within the network range, the smartphone / tablet automatically connects to the SafeTech Connect. Now, with the received SSID of the SafeTech Connect, the device can be brought into the in-house WLAN network. With the SafeTech and Sa-FeFloor Connect, SYR sets new standards in the field of smart and intelligent leak protection.

SYR App connects

One click and everything at a glance, which ensured great interest in the SYR booth. Thanks to the new SYR app, this is no longer a problem. When the app opens and the planet SYR lights up on the home screen, the SYR Connect world is open to the customer. The SYR Connect button is the heart of the app: all Connect fittings from the areas of leak protection, water treatment, hygiene control and heating control are under control here. All Connect devices as well as several devices that work in a swarm (ISI: Internet-based swarm intelligence) can thus be operated and checked on the go. In an emergency, intervention is possible without time delay. All information is then sent from the fitting to the mobile device, so that the owner or the skilled tradesman is immediately aware and can take appropriate countermeasures. “With the new app, we have created a universe in which the customer can easily and intuitively have all his Connect devices at a glance and control them from within the app. In addition, the app also offers the tradesman further benefits and useful information about our products, “says Peter Gormanns. In Frankfurt, this simplification was well received. In addition, the app also offers the tradesman further benefits and useful information about our products, “says Peter Gormanns. In Frankfurt, this simplification was well received. In addition, the app also offers the tradesman further benefits and useful information about our products, “says Peter Gormanns. In Frankfurt, this simplification was well received.

LEX Plus 10 series thought out further

As one of the world’s leading companies in the field of drinking water protection, SYR has also been addressing the issue of soft water for many years. With the LEX Plus 10 Connect SL, an eye-catching product was thus waiting for trade fair visitors. The water softening unit with leakage protection ensures clever all-round protection. Practical: The fitting has a flange connection on the front for the DRUFI. The advantage of the SYR Connect system: leakage protection and soft water system interact. If the LEX Plus 10 SL Connect soft water system needs water for regeneration, it reports this to the integrated leakage protection, which releases the corresponding amount – completely automatically. “The whole LEX Plus 10 series is a pure success for SYR.

SYR draws a successful conclusion

The fair was a complete success for SYR. Not only the new trade fair booth caused great traffic jams for visitors and experts. The focus was on the brand new products, which are of high quality in terms of appearance and function. In the field of smart homes, SYR can more than convince with its Connect devices and the SYR App, while providing its customers with a comprehensive service that redefines the Smart Home. The customer-friendly operation of the fittings via the app is a big plus point when it comes to choosing SYR products. In addition, a fast leak warning system and the Internet-based swarm intelligence of the devices provide secure all-round protection. Already now all interested parties and experts can look forward to the next news from SYR Hans Sasserath GmbH & Co. KG.