20th April 2019

Leading leak protection specialist presents new products

In 2019, SYR Hans Sasserath GmbH & Co. KG will focus on new challenges and major innovations. As one of the leading global players in the field of water management and heating protection, SYR has to offer new products and practical solutions. The framework could not be better with the ISH beginning in Frankfurt on March 11th. Industry experts, visitors and interested parties can look forward to a multitude of visionary innovations in the field of drinking water and heating water management. The Smart Home Award Germany 2016 winner has also stood for sustainable technologies for many years. With the SYR Connect program, all SYR products are connected to the Internet and have long been part of the large product range in the smart home sector.

As a world leader in drinking water protection, SYR has long been a specialist in the field of soft water. Many years of experience and future-oriented milestones are responsible for the development of today’s globally respected LEX Plus 10 series. So SYR quickly made a name for itself in the field. The LEX Plus 10 Connect ensures soft water, while reducing lime, thereby saving energy costs. But that’s not all. Due to the so successful LEX Plus 10 Connect, the fitting has been supplemented with an “S”. This stands for the sandwich connection fitting integrated there, which opens up a completely new combination possibility. Now it’s easy to combine the LEX Plus 10 S Connect with an absolute classic from SYR: the DRUFI.

Development thought further
With the LEX Plus 10 Connect S the development was by no means stopped. Thus, the forward-looking LEX Plus 10 Connect SL will be on display at the most important industry fair. The water softening unit with leakage protection ensures clever all-round protection. The LEX product series also shows the system concept behind the products from SYR. Because the company sees itself as a system provider for all areas of filter technology, pressure regulation, safety and safety fittings. In addition, SYR is bringing smart solutions for drinking water management together with its connect products for water technology and water treatment. This also applies to the field of heating water fittings and treatment. So there is exactly the right solution for every installation situation and every need.

Since 1998 in the field of leakage protection at home
As a leak-proofing specialist for many years, SYR is a pioneer in this field and confirms its positioning with intelligent further developments over and over again. Since 1998, SYR has been setting new standards in the field, including the ISH in Frankfurt. With two brand new devices for active and preventive leak protection, SafeTech and SafeFloor, the company is one step ahead of the competition. The SafeTech Connect continuously measures flow and pressure and determines the water hardness. If the leakage protection detects an unusually high consumption, it blocks the line. The SafeFloor Connect is placed where a leak or a value can be critical. If he gets “wet feet”, he reports a water damage. Is the SafeTech Connect additionally installed and connected,
The SafeFloor wireless floor sensors and the SafeTech Connect leakage protection are part of the SYR Connect system and are characterized by reliable technology and innovative communication. If the devices are connected to the Internet, inform them in the event of a fault via e-mail or SMS. With the SYR App, the leak protection system can be adjusted and controlled according to personal safety requirements. With the SafeTech and SafeFloor Connect, SYR sets new standards in the field of smart and intelligent leakage protection.
In order to experience these decisive trends first live in 2019, the visit to the exhibition stand in Hall 4.0, Stand A54 of SYR should definitely be part of the program. The SYR team is looking forward to a lively visit and many good talks.