Flange Backflow Preventer BA 6600

DN 65 


DN 80 


DN 100 


  • protection of the potable water quality according to DIN EN 1717 up to fluid category 4
  • complies with the DIN EN 12729 standard for backflow preventers
  • 3-zone-system with controllable upstream, intermediate and downstream pressure zone
  • integrated pre-filter for the control unit
  • service-friendly cartridge system
  • DN 65
Large-scale installations, best possible protection: SYR’s Flange BA Backflow Preventer prevents the backflow of non-potable water or other fluids into the potable water system, thus protecting the potable water quality up to fluid category 4 according to EN 1717.

Like the other Backflow Preventers from SYR, this BA-type is also designed with the easy-to-service cartridge technology. An integrated upstream filter protects the control unit against dirt, which will ensure a long service life.